About Us

Decades of Experience, Trust, & Professionalism

Nichols Family Dental is the result of over 20 years of dentistry experience and of a clear love for the Little Rock community and for providing excellent, compassionate care for patients of all ages. When Dr. Nichols graduated from the University of Tennessee—Memphis dental program in 1999, she knew she wanted to serve Arkansas, her beloved home state. She grew up in Vilonia, Arkansas, and graduated from the University of Arkansas, making her very familiar with Central Arkansans and their medical and dental health needs.

She has also been active with the Arkansas State Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry, reflecting her commitment to strong dental health care in Arkansas, and ensuring that she’s continuously up-to-date with best practices and trends in dentistry. Thankfully, Arkansans are the ones who get to reap the benefits of her commitment and devotion.

Part of her impressive career involves the establishment of Arkansas Family Dental, a thriving and successful practice. In 2020, Dr. Nichols felt called to extend dental health options for the Little Rock community even further by founding Nichols Family Dental, which was solidified in September 2021.

Dr. Nichols designed Nichols Family Dental as a unique space for clients, a space specifically engineered for patients to feel relaxed and comfortable at the dentist. She designed Nichols Family Dental as a space where patients could look forward to come to twice a year—or more—for supportive, trustworthy, and compassionate care, with no need for nerves or apprehension. She designed her office to be family-oriented and trust-filled, even for her staff members across the board.

She values excellent care, connectedness, an enjoyable quality of life, and family time! She invites you, and every member of the Little Rock community and surrounding areas, to join her on her mission of serving her community as Little Rock’s Favorite Dentist over the next decades of her career!

Our Core Values

Comprehensive Care

We provide comprehensive care for the Little Rock community, including preventative, restorative, emergency, cosmetic services, & more. Our primary goal is to partner with patients to provide personalized care plans that support oral and overall health.


We strive to serve each patient with kindness and compassion, while offering a calming space. One of our main goals is to provide a welcoming environment where patients know they’re genuinely cared for and accepted.


Strong, honest community is the foundation of a successful oral health care plan. We trust that our clients will give us honest information about their concerns, and we will provide honest and trustworthy assessments, advice, treatment plans, and services.

Our Mission

The mission of Nichols Family Dental is to serve the Little Rock community with sound, effective, and affordable dental care. We commit to educate our patients regarding proper dental hygiene techniques, while partnering with them to create customized, comprehensive treatment plans. We are motivated to help provide our patients with lifelong health and a good quality of life while demonstrating our genuine care for their well-being, security, acceptance, and comfort.