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Restorative Services

Nichols Family Dental offers a complete list of restorative services to restore the functionality and structure of your teeth. The type of restoration your mouth needs depends on the type and severity of damage to your teeth. At times, our team might suggest the replacement of a tooth or teeth to keep your mouth from degrading further and to restore your ability to eat, speak, and function day to day at the level you’d prefer.

Although restorative dental services are prescribed for other reasons than cosmetic dentistry, restorative treatments can often provide aesthetic improvements as well, improving your confidence and social life as well. Overall, Nichols Family Dental’s restorative services will help you:

save your teeth

replace missing teeth

promote proper functionality in your mouth

provide a cosmetic improvement

Please schedule an appointment with Nichols Family Dental today to discuss your needs and our services. We look forward to hearing from you!

Crowns & Bridges

A crown is a cover we put on cracked or damaged teeth to protect them. If your tooth is broken or fractured, we will likely recommend a crown to restore your tooth and to keep it from breaking further. We might also recommend a crown if a large filling has fallen out of your tooth.
We use bridges to fill in the space of a missing tooth or teeth. Bridges consist of one or more false teeth in combination with a crown to restore the structure and functionality in that space of your mouth and to keep surrounding teeth from becoming damaged.


At times, Nichols Family Dental will prescribe either full or partial dentures for you. We suggest dentures when a tooth is damaged beyond repair. Dentures are designed to fit snugly on your gums and can help restore your speech clarity, your eating comfortability, and your confidence. Dentures are an excellent option if you’re missing all of some of your teeth, because they will keep your remaining teeth or bones from excessive deterioration. In addition, they’re affordable and come in a variety of materials. We can help you pick the best option of dentures for you and teach you how to properly care for them and your mouth!


Upon your examination, we might advise a dental extraction(s) for your mouth. People who have impacted teeth, severely decayed teeth, periodontal or gum disease, overcrowding, or trauma injuries in their mouth are often good candidates for extractions. We will always do everything we can to save a tooth, but if we find that your mouth would be healthier without a tooth, we will be sure to answer all your questions and to extract your teeth while keeping you comfortable and relaxed.


If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, tears in your floss, a chipped tooth, food getting stuck between your teeth, or dark spots on your tooth, there’s a good chance you’ll need a filling. If you have a cavity, Dr. Nichols will clean out any debris from your cavity and then fill it, keeping your tooth from decaying any further, while making sure you’re comfortable and pain free. The filling will strengthen your tooth, protect your tooth from continued decay, and might improve the color of that particular tooth.


If you’re missing a tooth, we might have the option of installing an implant. An implant is a medical device that’s surgically implanted into your jaw bone to anchor an artificial tooth, like a crown bridge or denture. If our team finds that your dental needs and medical background make you a strong candidate for an implant, you can regain your ability to chew, an improved appearance, and a healthier mouth. Receiving an implant can cause some short term immediately after the procedure, and it can take a few months to fully recover from. Receiving an implant is not without risk but, for the ideal candidate, can radically improve your overall quality of life.


A partial denture might be prescribed to you if you’re missing some teeth but still retain many of your natural teeth. A partial denture is a plate with artificial teeth adhered to it; the plate is held in place with clips that may or may show when you smile. Based on your mouth and goals, we will be able to tell you beforehand what level of visibility your partial implant will have. Often, our patients experience excellent benefits from a partial denture, including the replacement of teeth, a strengthened ability to eat and speak, a maintained jaw structure, and increased confidence. They’re also convenient and can be taken out or installed with ease. We’d love to discuss the option of partial dentures for you.

Root Canals

A root canal, also called an “endodontic treatment,” is similar to a filling but is also a serious procedure with incredible power to restore a patient’s early health and improve daily life. A root canal is needed when the soft tissue, or “pulp,” of a tooth becomes infected. During the procedure, Dr. Nichols will remove the infected areas of your tooth. Then, she’ll clean and shape your tooth, then seal the space. Afterwards, she will install a crown on your tooth to protect the tooth and restore your tooth to its original function. A root canal might seem daunting, but we perform them often and will make sure you’re comfortable during the procedure and recover as quickly as possible.

Let Nichols Family Dental Get You Back on Track

It’s normal to have a certain level of nervousness when facing a dental issue, especially if you’re in pain. But our goal is to provide you with a calming and confident experience in our office, no matter what procedure you might need. We’ll evaluate your mouth in a completely judgment-free space and help you restore your mouth, so you can look and feel as good as you’d like.

If you’re experiencing any level of pain or notice any discoloration or holes in your teeth, it’s best to schedule an appointment as soon as possible with us, so we can treat the issue and keep it from progressing or causing other health issues in your body.

Once your mouth is restored, we can then develop a plan for your mouth—and health—on track. We’ll support you the whole way, and are honored to come alongside you in this journey. 

There are occasions when a person has a growing cavity and isn’t aware of it—routine preventative care is need so we can prescribe the appropriate restorative treatment as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment with our office today! We’re waiting to hear from you!

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