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Partials are needed when a patient is missing one or more teeth. To keep the area from additional bone loss or damage, we can custom-fit a partial denture. This includes artificial teeth adhered to a plate that will clip into your mouth. Depending on your case, a partial and restore the appearance of your jaw and smile, and it can bring back your ability to chew and speak properly. Partials often bring maximum confidence for our patients!

What to Expect at Nichols Family Dental

We know that dental visits can make people nervous, and we want you to feel as relaxed as possible, so we make sure to care for you the way we would care for our own families.  

You are our priority. We want you to fully understand the process, timeline, and cost of your treatment, and we’ll work with you to make sure the process fits your schedule and budget while also meeting your oral health goals.


When you first call our office, we’ll ask you a bit about what your oral health needs—whether you’re wanting to establish care with our office for routine exams and cleanings or if you’re experiencing any pain from injury or disease or have cosmetic concerns—and what appointment times will best accommodate your schedule.


Before your visit, you can access your New Patient Paperwork online. You can fill this out online, you can print it and bring the hardcopy to your appointment, or you arrive 15 minutes early to your visit, and fill the paperwork out at our office.


If you’re here for a routine exam and cleaning, your Registered Dental Assistant or Hygienist will inspect, clean, floss, and polish your teeth with freshly sanitized instruments. She will also take x-rays if necessary. Once the cleaning is complete, Dr. Tina Nichols, DDS, will thoroughly examine your mouth and X-rays, looking for any early indications of decay or disease and will discuss any symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

If you’re at our office for an emergency visit or to discuss a cosmetic concern, our staff and Dr. Nichols will discuss your diagnosis and treatment options with you, while answering all of your questions.

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