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Your smile is a huge part of your daily life! We want you to have a healthy mouth, and we also want you to feel confident about your smile! To help you achieve your aesthetic goals, we offer Botox injections, Invisalign, and whitening treatments. Botox injections can be used to help eliminate wrinkles around your mouth and to address high lip lines. Invisalign is a system of teeth straightening that uses discreet aligners to reshape your smile and to address issues like overbites, underbites, overcrowding, and more. Teeth whitening can help you achieve a bright smile for your big day or for confidence in your daily life! These treatments are about more than cosmetics. They’re about confidence, and sometimes pain elimination as well. Dr. Nichols is highly trained in all these treatments—and more—and can help you meet your goals. Schedule your appointment today! 


Botulinim Toxin Type A injections, or Botox, is a drug used to relax muscles and can be injected for numerous medical uses throughout the body. At Nichols Family Dental, we suggest BOTOX®, Dysport, and Xeomin injections to our clients to help them meet a variety of goals. These injections can help address high lip lines—a cosmetic concern that some clients wish to alter. They can also help patients with pain by relaxing their muscles to either readjust to new dentures, or to gain needed relief from TMJ. We can also enhance and reshape your smile with Botox injections. Are you interested to see how Botox injections will help you meet your goals? Let us know at your next appoint that you want to discuss if you’re a candidate for Botox!


Dr. Nichols is an Invisalign-trained doctor, and would love to manage your Invisalign journey for a happy smile! She will initially meet with you to evaluate your current smile and discuss your concerns. Then, she will map out a precise plan of treatment and can even show you an image of your future smile! Invisalign aligners provide gentle pressure to your teeth to address a variety of smile cases, such as overbites, underbites, cross bites, gap teeth, open bites, crowded teeth, and more. A straighter smile will build your confidence and can help improve your speech and eating as well. Give us a call today to book an appointment to discuss Invisalign with Dr. Nichols.


Our patients choose to whiten their teeth for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they’re preparing for a big event, like prom or a wedding. Other times, they dislike the natural color of their teeth in general and would like white teeth daily. In some instances, teeth are stained from drinks or nicotine and patients would like to remove those stains. There are also certain enamel conditions that keep a patient’s teeth from looking as bright and white as they’d like. No matter the reason, we’re happy to recommend an appropriate whitening system for you! We’ll help meet your whitening goals for a bright, confident smile. Schedule your appointment today!

Let Us Help You Look Your Best

Confidence is key! And cosmetic dentistry often helps our patients feel more confident in their professional and social lives. Nichols Family Dentistry is equipped to help you feel your absolute best! If you have concerns about wrinkles, lip lines, enamel color, or staining, please let us know! We can help. We can also help straighten your teeth and address any pain and functionality symptoms you’re having.

We strive to be kind and comforting—and also discreet. You can come to our office with confidence, knowing that we’ll get you feeling your best and now one else will know what services you received if you don’t want them to know. We help patients meet their cosmetic and comfortability goals every day, and we believe in the power of our cosmetic dentistry services. We’re so proud to help change lives! Contact us today to see how we can help change your life, too!

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