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Preventative Services

We offer a complete set of Preventative Services to keep your mouth in the healthiest condition possible. Most major dental benefits cover preventative services because they know how important keeping a healthy mouth is, and so do we! Preventative care helps you save money, catch gum or teeth disease for early treatment, prevents additional gum or teeth disease, improves your confidence and social life, and gives you a chance to receive the best dental hygiene advice from the dental health professionals!

We love to help you keep your mouth in top condition with regular visits! By keeping these visits, you can help us ward off tooth decay and gum disease in your mouth. We can identify any changes in your mouth and can help stop any problems before they develop further. For instance, we’d love to keep you from getting a cavity or help you fill a small cavity before it gets too big and damages the functional integrity of your mouth. We can even identify early signs of oral cancer, so that you can get treatment as soon as possible. We love seeing you at routine visits because then we get to keep up with you and hear about your life.

Schedule your preventative dental care appointment with Nichols Family Dental today!

Oral Exams

You should schedule an oral health exam every six months with us. During the exams, we’ll use a small mirror and light to take a thorough assessment of your mouth. We’ll look for any signs of disease, like dark spots or holes in your teeth, inflamed gums, or bumps on your gums, which could indicate cavities, gingivitis, infection, or cancer. Schedule your oral exam with Nichols Family Dental today!

Teeth Cleaning

Probably during the same visit as your oral exam, we’ll also clean your teeth, helping to remove any plaque, tartar, or build up that’s harder to remove at home. We’ll start by scraping your teeth to remove any build up, then we’ll polish your teeth with a gritty toothpaste, floss your teeth, rinse with a liquid fluoride, and answer any questions you’ll have. Your mouth will feel clean and awesome! Please schedule your teeth cleaning with Nichols Family Dental today!

Routine X-Rays

We take routine X-rays of your mouth in order to identify any decay in your teeth in your jaw bone. The X-rays will help us see any areas that we can’t make out visually. We also use the images to track changes in your mouth over the years, helping us catch any major issues before they develop. The frequency of X-rays will depend on your mouth’s history with decay but could occur every year or every two to three years. Schedule your routine x-rays with Nichols Family Dental today!

Let Us Keep You Healthy

No one is too young or too old to take advantage of preventative dental services for overall wellbeing and wellness. Every stage in life comes with its own challenges. Babies can be screened for proper tooth growth or lip and tongue ties to aid in proper nutrition and language development. Young children can be taught proper dental care techniques and check for overcrowding or genetic health conditions that could impact speech, social skills, and health. Teens might need help with cosmetic concerns in addition to cleaning and disease exams. And, as we age, the risk for teeth damage or injury increases, so the odds of needing dentures, bridges, or crowns goes up.

Preventative care helps us assess your risk and helps you save money by catching problems before they become severe. Not to mention, prevention and early intervention helps you avoid unnecessary pain.

Establish care with Nichols Family Dental now so we can get a baseline of the health or your mouth, determine goals, and have future imaging and documentation to note any important changes. If you have questions about your dental benefits or payment plans, we’d love to chat! We strive to make affordable, convenient, and complete arrangements with all our clients, so they can receive essential preventative services necessary for their overall health.

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