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Emergency Services

We know emergencies don’t happen on a schedule, so you can’t schedule ahead for an appointment. Don’t worry! Nichols Family Dental is here for you!  If you’re in severe pain, bleeding, or risking a tooth loss, please contact our office immediately. If you chip or knock out a tooth, have a toothache, or lose a filling, please call us immediately. Dental emergencies require immediate attention in order to avoid long-term complications, and you can depend on us. Nichols Family Dental is available to assess your condition and to provide timely care, no matter when your emergency occurs. Give us a call!  

Why Choose Us for Your Emergency Care?


Dr. Nichols and her staff are highly qualified professionals. We will accurately assess your emergency and will know exactly what needs to be done to save your tooth and stop your pain in the best way possible. There will be no guesswork, no stalling, and no unnecessary pain or discomfort. We’re the best in the business, and our biggest concerns are your health and comfort. You can trust Nichols Family Dental!


Our state-of-the-art technology and materials allow us to treat your emergency with excellency. Our tools allow us to care for your mouth and teeth in the least invasive way possible, with the most accuracy, and the best results. We won’t provide a quick fix that needs to be addressed somewhere else later. We have what we need to provide the best the first time.


Dental emergencies don’t happen on anyone’s schedule—except ours! Our staff is prepared to meet with you whenever an emergency arises. Call our office with any dental emergency, day or night, and Dr. Nichols and her staff can accurately assess your situation and get you the help you need exactly when you need it. We will either meet with you immediately or make room for you in the schedule within a 24-hour period—whichever option your emergency requires is what we’ll provide! We’ve prepared our schedule for these exact situations, so give us a call. Anytime!

Chipped Tooth

Sometimes chipped teeth can cause significant pain, but sometimes they don’t. Either way, a chipped tooth is an emergency and warrants an immediate call to our office for assessment. A chip needs to be assessed to evaluate the integrity of the remaining tooth structure. A chip also needs to be assessed to see how deep it runs and to evaluate the tooth nerve, the surrounding gums, and the bone. A chipped tooth might require shaping, fillings, or crowns to protect your mouth from further damage or infection and to address any cosmetic concerns. Don’t assume a chip is minor. If you can, please try to save the pieces of the broken tooth, to let Dr. Nichols assess if she can repair your tooth. Please call our office, and let us assess the situation to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.


A toothache, especially a persistent toothache, is a sign that something is wrong. Please call our office to evaluate your tooth, so we can help determine the cause of your pain. There’s a good chance your toothache is the cause of an infection, which occurs when bacteria gets into the “pulp” of your tooth. Left alone, infection can spread and cause severe damage to your mouth and overall quality of life. An infected tooth can lead to the need for crowns, extractions, and loss of teeth or bone. In some instances, infection left untreated can also spread to other parts of your body. We never want that to happen, so please call Nichols Family Dental for an emergency visit even if you think your toothache is minor.

Knocked Out Tooth

If one of your teeth (or more!) is knocked out, please act fast! If possible, please find the tooth and rinse of any dirt or grime while avoiding the nerve. If you can, put the tooth back in its original socket in your gum. If not, put the tooth in your cheek or in a small glass or milk or water. Then call our office immediately. Time is extremely essential in this case for our best chance to save your tooth. If you’re able to put the tooth back in your mouth within five minutes, Dr. Nichols has a great chance of re-inserting your tooth and saving it. Every second counts, though! We’ll do our best to save that tooth and to keep you feeling as comfortable as possible.

Lost Filling

Fillings sometimes fall out. We understand that. While losing a filling isn’t always an emergency, you should call our office as soon as possible anyway. Let Nichols Family Dental assess your mouth and determine the best course of action to save you needless pain and costs later, like time and money. We need to make sure your tooth is protected from infection, further decay, and functionality loss. We want to keep you eating, speaking, and smiling with confidence. 

Preventing Emergencies Starts with Us

Sometimes dental emergencies are unavoidable—like if you’re in a car accident or unintentionally fall. Sometimes dental emergencies are avoidable, though, and we’d love to set up for excellent oral health to avoid some of these preventable emergencies. Patients who take advantage of preventative care have fewer infections and cavities, keeping them from needing fillings or crowns. If you don’t have these, you can’t lose them, either. Preventative care also helps keep your teeth strong, which can help you avoid chips. If you’re involved in contact sports where chips or knocked out teeth are likely, we can also prescribe the proper protective care to keep your mouth healthy and safe.  We’re here for what emergency issue you have, but we’re also here to help you avoid emergencies when possible.

Please schedule an appointment today no matter where you are on your dental health journey, and we’ll catch you up in a supportive, caring, encouraging way. Your health and your mouth are our priorities!

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